White Truffle Popcorn


Alright, get ready for this one. If you love the taste of truffle as much as I do you must try this. It’s so simple for such a great big taste and not so much of a departure from the traditional version.

Since I read an article in the Times about coconut oil and its nutritional benefits, redeeming its former artery hardening stereotype, I have been using this oil for all sorts of things. Formerly hydrogenated to help shelf life, coconut oil is now organic, cold pressed and liquid at room temperature. You can use it in place of other oils specifically in dishes where a hint of coconut might heighten the dish’s flavor like Indian, Caribbean and Asian foods. Or simply when you roast root vegetables or…make popcorn. While cooking it smells like butter.

1.5 T organic coconut oil
1/3 cup popcorn kernels (SCHOP! Tip: keep kernels in the freezer for maximum pop)
1 T butter (optional, but really guilds the lily)
1 T white truffle oil
Sea salt and finely cracked black pepper

Add oil to a hand-crank popcorn popper or a heavy bottomed pot with a lid and put it over medium heat. Once hot add popcorn kernels. Shake pot with lid askew or crank popcorn maker until popping rate slows to 1 pop every 2 seconds.

Add pat of butter and continue to crank or shake until just melted. You will hear some sizzling. Once melted transfer popped corn to a large serving bowl. Quickly drizzle with truffle oil, season with salt and pepper and vigorously toss.

I don’t have this often but when I do I accompany it with something fancy to drink like prosecco or a great red or Belgian white beer….it is truffles for goodness sake!


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