Lobster Roll Touchdown, but not nirvana

I’ve been in Martha’s Vineyard for 4 days now and I have eaten well and have a mean sunburn to boot. My friends and I grilled on Sunday. I manned the grill and kicked out some juicy steaks, corn on the cob and another pass at my grill fried chicken (gotta post that recipe). We sipped on IPA beer, Pellegrino and Bulldog gin and tonic.

Monday was spent at the Inkwell frolicking in the water and surf with friends and their kids. Two bottles of wine and some chips later I was starving. I failed to mention that I ran/walked 5 miles that morning at the suggestion of my host that cannot judge distance, “oh, its like a mile there and a mile back.” …it was 2.5 miles to the turn around point. Anyway, my ass was hungry.

Katrina suggested we go to Nancy’s. Yes, yes, yes! I could get my first lobster roll of my vineyard visit. The tribe of 6 adults and 3 children made our way. (We missed the President by one day, damn!) We ordered a mound of fried seafood, some baked fish and my lobster roll. When it arrived I was giddy, but at first bite I was deflated.

It was not the roll of my dreams. Dare I say that I have had a better roll in the city at Luke’s. Nancy’s was too mayonnaisey, no seasoning and boring. The lobster ice cream (yes, it’s true) at the shop on Circuit Avenue was better than that roll.


I remain on the hunt… I did get a tip today from someone while I waited for my table at Slice of Life. They said there is someplace in Edgartown that serves lobster rolls on Fridays. It has a line around the corner so I need to get there early. We’ll see.

Speaking of Slice of Life (50 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs) I treated myself to a sandwich after doing that 5-mile run/walk again this morning AND walking into town. I was going to stick with my fave, the fried green tomato BLT but in the spirit of trying something new (and as a result of my disappointing lobster roll experience at Nancy’s) I nervously ordered the special lobster salad sandwich with fries and coleslaw.

When it arrived I was a little dubious because it was a minced salad instead of chunks and maybe all claw meat too, but after I tasted the first bite I was satisfied that I would enjoy it. The look and taste reminded me of the crab salad at the Fire Island ferry dock.

I enjoyed everything about the dish – the crispy fries, the clean fresh coleslaw and the condiments for the sandwich of sliced tomato and fresh arugula. I only wish that the cook had not over toasted my soft brioche roll to the point of slightly burnt. If I weren’t so hungry and wasn’t enjoying my wait I would have asked them to try again. Seafood has such a delicate flavor that something like the ash from burnt bread can ruin the experience. I just took it back to the days of my childhood and put a good scraping on it and I was good to go, but be diligent people and get what you want and pay for.

Four more days to go. Boo hiss.


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