Strolling the 9th Avenue Food Festival


Out at the first day of the Ninth Avenue Food Festival. I have good memories of this festival but not been in a while. Today with Raquel and Jason in tow we decided that only non traditional festival food would cross our lips. That meant no sausage and peppers, mozzarepas or zeppoles but the Mexican street corn had to get got.



I was parched from the hot sun and biking down and saw something called Lizzmonade. Horrible name for flavored lemonades but with the gargantuan straw my watermelon, cucumber, ginger and basil beverage was good…and it better be for $4.50!


Very refreshing! Moving down the ave…


Really good guacamole with freshly fried tortilla chips.


Jason had an Indian moment with samosas and tandoori chicken.


Vinegary pork sausage and sticky rice from Pure Thai. Delicious! And great presentation and enthusiasm!

Then we bumped into one of my fave Brazilian spots to eat from my music biz days – Rice & Beans


…and I saw them, pao de queso, cheesy bread…


Awesome! I need to go back for more!

Next up is one of my oldest food memories from this festival. It is by way of my Louisiana heritage and comes in a boiling cauldron – crawfish!


When I was a kid, this thing looked HUGE! Didn’t get any this year though. Too hot, too messy!

Our final bite was a fluffy, delicious tamale. The masa was perfect!


Please don’t be angry vegetarians…I wasn’t the only one taking a picture.


Je & Jo ice cream was there too. I’ve tried them once before. It’s a yummy little bite. The Earl Grey with shortbread will have me venturing to their shop.


It was a fun food day with friends! So get out there today until 5pm!



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  1. lizzette says:

    Good Morning SCHOP GIRL! I am Lizzette Pagan owner of Lizzmonade. I am so glad you enjoyed your watermelon-cucumber-ginger-basil lemonade. What a beautiful photo!

    I was so dissapointed to see that you may not have been comfortable with the price. Our lizzmonades are a labor of love. As you probably saw each lizzmonade is hand crafted. We only use the freshest fruit available and we always try to source locally when we can. lizzmonade NEVER uses artifical flavoring or syrups. We cater to each individual dietary needs by offering 4 different sweetner options: sugar, agave, stevia or naked with no added sugar-making lizzmonade both vegan and diabetic friendly.

    We value our customers and have always strived to make sure that we offer a quality product at a fair and competitive price. We will continue every day to ensure that we meet that goal. With that said your next lizzmonade will be on us just ask for me as I am the Lizz in lizzmonade.

    1. SCHOP! Girl says:

      Lizz! Thanks for reading! Yes, I did enjoy the delicious lemonade! Clean, fresh, flavorful. And that extra large straw that would choke a lion too! Plus your staff was spirited and helpful.

      I am always prepared for street fair/festival prices but also always amazed by them. From one entrepreneur to another, I get it! As a consumer it’s like coffee at Starbucks, ridiculous when you think about it but you still want it. I think it’s a testament to your product.

      I would love to know that you are the Lizz in Lizzmonade. A couple of your patrons asked the same question I did. “Why Lizz in Lizzmonade?” What about an image of you or a caricature of you in the logo? I would want to know that there is an inventive and unique person behind the brand.

      Perhaps we will meet this summer at the plethora of fairs. I know I will ask for you at my next Lizzmonade purchase!

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