On a JOURNEY (bar)


As is often the case I am dashing out of the door last minute to destinations unknown, haven’t eaten and need to grab something quickly. Ok, fruit, nuts, yes! But I need a little something that resembles a meal, a balance between flavors and textures. A nutrient dense bar of some sort is always a good idea but it seems like they all bend to the sweet side of things. This is fine for the serving size but I’m a savory kinda gal. I love a Kind Bar. Buy them all the time but only grab them in the morning or in an extreme pinch when I have to eat something. I wish there were other options…

Enter the Journey Bar I received in a gift bag of a food event. I was dubious of the Pizza Marinara flavor but as I was debating between a Nature Valley granola bar and a Kind bar I decided today was the day.

Victory! A blend of grains including buckwheat, flax seed, amaranth and millet with almonds, tomato paste and spices. Important to note: vegan, 170 cal, 12g of whole grains, 6g fat, 5g protein. While it is not the protein dense bar, the whole grain does fill you up. And the taste? Surprise! It’s not pizza! But it gives you those hits of tomato and basil and the texture is great! It’s nutty and crunchy as if there is corn meal in it.

So my savory bar prayers have been answered! Now I just have to find them in a store… Please let me know if you have tried a Journey Bar. I wonder what other flavors they have.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Intrigued by your post, I went to the journey bar website. They have Parmesan Romano, coconut curry, hickory barbecue and rosemary, I addition to the pizza marinara. I think the coconut curry has your name written all over it! Looks like you can get them at Gourmet Garage and Garden of Eden.

    1. SCHOP! Girl says:

      You are correct but all of them sound good and savory! I need to try them all. I will report on the other flavors ASAP! Thanks for the additional research.

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