Farmers Market Loot

What started as a mission to get only horseradish pickles from Best Pickles to make dirty martinis (now includes mustard variety), my weekly visits to the farmers market seems to inspire more. Here is today’s loot featuring my first sighting of Concord grapes and squash blossoms. Going to stuff the latter with duxelles and pan fry them. And since I have a little pan frying going on, I got okra to coat in cornmeal and hot sauce. The red mustard greens I got could be the perfect accompaniment for fried okra.

The assortment of seasoned organic cashews from Tierra Farm (sea salt & onion, curry, agave ginger) are the right snack made with a delicate hand. 9 grain bread from Bread Alone and a bag of lettuce greens rounds out the week’s staples.

Stay tuned for the results!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    What will you do with the Concord grapes? Eat solo as a snack or are there more fanciful uses planned for their future!

    1. SCHOP! Girl says:

      I just love them as is but now that you have me thinking about it maybe make some jam or a concord grape tart! You have any ideas?

  2. Ray says:

    You can also use those pickles to serve Picklebacks. A drink I just recently found out about. A shot of whiskey followed by a swish of pickle brine as a chaser.

    P.S. I like that tip about adding hot sauce to the cornmeal for those fried okras. Now we’re talkin.’

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