Whole Foods Biergarten?! YES!


I just stopped in to the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle to see if they have conventional raw cashews for a good price so I wouldn’t have to walk to Trader Joes just to pay $6.99 per pound. I didn’t and saved $.10 for not needing a bag! But I digress…

As I walked to the register with my loot passing the artful meat presentation and the delicious looking fresh sushi I wasn’t expecting to find beer nirvana and a happy hour menu to boot!

Like food art.
I hope the dogs come from this case…

But low and behold as I was about to queue I see it before me.  What was something else (what was it?) is now an interior separated biergarten of sorts.  There are tables and a bar serving draft beer and a Happy Hour menu from 4 to 8pm featuring one of their eight hotdogs and a pint for only $10.  That is a meal!


I am eyeing the kimchee dog, Cuban dog and the bahn mi dog, dawg!  This will be the perfect last minute option when I am in the area…by “accident” of course… 😉


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