Buon Compleanno @Impero_Caffe

…my appetizer highlights were smoked maitake mushrooms in truffle sugo (sauce) gently spooned over the most unctuous buttery polenta and my favorite Scott Conant dish, next to his simple but delicious pasta al pomodoro, fritto misto! That is delicately battered and fried calamari, rock shrimp and seasonal vegetables. At the now closed Scarpetta (RIP), his fritto misto and a glass of crisp white wine was all I needed.


@Gustiamo #WarehouseSupperClub

I was invited to a warehouse supper club to be held at Gustiamo, a premier importer of authentic artisanal foods for all regions of Italy. The dinner was to celebrate Sicilian Chef Stefania Barzini and her teaching tour of America.

Masters of Meat

The crazy and fun guys at @EndsMeatNYC_ will have me finding my way out to Brooklyn for their genius pork rinds I am calling the “tuille” of pork rinds. Light and airy, these things have been painstakingly tended to with love and seasoned with a perfume of sweet heat. They are addictive at first bite.

Farmers Market Loot

What started as a mission to get only horseradish pickles from Best Pickles to make dirty martinis (now includes mustard variety), my weekly visits to the farmers market seems to inspire more. Here is today’s loot featuring my first sighting of Concord grapes and squash blossoms. Going to stuff the latter with duxelles and pan…

Hester Nights – Cod fritters + ice cream sandwiches

Meh on the fritters from Spur Tree…love a cod fish cake/fritter but there was hardly any cod in there. And for $5 the serving was small. For my next visit I did peep the Elvis ice cream sandwich from Melt – banana ice cream sandwiched by peanut butter cookies! When I asked if there was…

Hester Nights

The delicious food of the city famous Hester Street Fair comes to 30th and 6th ave every Thursday until October. I saw some schnitz on pretzel rolls as I passed. What else are they pushing over there?!

Strolling the 9th Avenue Food Festival

Out at the first day of the Ninth Avenue Food Festival. I have good memories of this festival but not been in a while. Today with Raquel and Jason in tow we decided that only non traditional festival food would cross our lips. That meant no sausage and peppers, mozzarepas or zeppoles but the Mexican…

Taste of the Upper West Side

I am sitting holding my stomach on Columbus Avenue and 77th street at my first night of the Taste of the Upper Westside. It’s another great time but feels a little more intimate this year with a DJ instead of a big band. Stand outs are Sarabeth’s velvety tomato soup and her bread pudding. ‘witchcraft…

NYC Wine & Food Festival Full, Part Deux

Last I left you at my first full day of the festival I was about to head out to Brooklyn for Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food host Adam Richman’s event called Brooklyn Bounty. I have watched that show once or twice. While he is very personable I can’t say that those eating contests get me…

NYC Wine & Food Festival Full

Well, we have arrived at the 5th annual NYC Wine & Food Festival. I have only been to three events so far, but already feeling stuffed. I have taken respite at The Dream Hotel on 16th street between 8th and 9th avenues, the new home for this years festival. I wonder what happened with The…