Mountain Bird Flies High

And there it is, my first full meal at Mountain Bird. I can’t wait for my next visit for date night, girls night out, family dinner or because it’s Tuesday or Thursday, TGIF, Saturday night special, what about Sunday brunch, because I am happy, because I woke up like this…


Recipe: Dry Sautéed String Beans

Jason and I loved ev-er-y-THANG about our meal at Shanghai 46 but those string beans need to be made on the regular!

A Superbowl 50 Menu

 Holidays and special events are always a fun time to cook for my clients. Marry  clients’ requests and dietary needs with the best available ingredients and my creativity and I start to wish I could be a SCHOP! client myself! This week for Superbowl 50, amongst organic pork tenderloin crusted with mustard capers & garlic…

Lunch Today: Salad Nicoise

I was intently working today and ignoring my hunger pangs to eat because I didn’t feel like cooking. But as a stomach has a tendency to do, it got the better of me and forced me to see what I had. Inspired by the smallest new potatoes I’ve ever seen and some haricot vert I…

Got Brisket…early?

Passover is just around the corner and for those that like to be ahead of the game either because they have too much going on or because they need it “just so” some will buy their brisket early…maybe too early. Following is a recent text exchange with a client that inspired this post: CLIENT: Question….