WA State Memorial Day Weekend

Perhaps it was sitting on the deck overlooking Commencement Bay that we went a little overboard with the happy hour menu at Lobster Shop. Lots of seafood again and too many desserts, but the clear winner was fried Beecher’s cheese curds with chili jam. Rest in peace mozzarella sticks! And look for me @BeechersNY!


A 4-Day Food Reunion in Seattle

…two varieties of Hama Hama Oysters and some Deep Bay from Vancouver, BC. Their perfect mignonette, a couple of eye rolls and voila, “WELCOME TO SEATTLE!” I’d tasted the fruit of their waters!


For those that DON’T know, I love me some porchetta.  See my BESTies list. It’s not something you have too often, but when you do it has to be good. I first had it in a market in Rome, hand-cut by a spry woman wielding a large knife.  She did not play and everyone stood in…

SCHOP!ping in the Berkshires

Barely settled in, my hostess of the weekend, Lisa and I were off to Berry Farms to shop for something to compliment the porter house steaks to be grilled this evening. The verdict amongst gorgeous local produce and locally produced products? Radish salad! Thinly sliced radish and celery, parsley, heirloom cherry tomatoes with shallot vinaigrette….

Birthdayweekendbeginningofsummer Food

As it has for the last undisclosed number of years, my birthday falls in and around memorial day weekend. The beginning of summer and the summer food season! It’s best if I can kick it off in the place that I’ve been going to since five years old, Fire Island! And on that first ferry…

Lobster Roll Touchdown, but not nirvana

I’ve been in Martha’s Vineyard for 4 days now and I have eaten well and have a mean sunburn to boot. My friends and I grilled on Sunday. I manned the grill and kicked out some juicy steaks, corn on the cob and another pass at my grill fried chicken (gotta post that recipe). We…

Bit by The Bite

What is being in the Vineyard without seeing a sunset in Menemsha? After waiting for some fried seafood at The Bite (29 Basin Road) for half an hour and missing it, it turns out not seeing the sunset is delicious! Obviously the fried shrimp was a “winnah” because they were out of it, but the…

Preparing for a lobster roll

My to do list for the vineyard is growing but nothing else is happening until I get this blog up and running. Thanks Jason! My last visit to the Vineyard met me with great seafood as always, but the best was the lobster bake that we took back to the house and ate with a…