M.E.A.T. List

Must Eat At Tomorrow List

I am a list maker. It helps me to structure my life and keep it in order. Whether I get it all done is another story. And as with all things list-worthy following is my working list of restaurants and eateries I need to try in and around NYC and the country – in no particular order. With each victory will come the removal of the name from the list and the addition of a new entry to the blog…and inches to my waist.

I know you have some favorites that need to lengthen my MEAT List so uncover your mouth and cough it up!

All done in the honor of good food!

Sincerely yours, humbly submitted, so on and so forth…SCHOP! Girl

  1. Corsino – west village – crostini assortment
  2. Blu duck tavern in DC
  3. Artopolis – Greek pastry house in Astoria
  4. Lulu’s bakeshop
  5. Brooklyn flea market
  6. Liddabit – honeycomb candies, slurtles
  7. Motorino pizza in BK, Williamsburg – Brussels sprout pizza
  8. Good Fork – Korean food
  9. The chocolate room – BK
  10. Num pang – Vietnamese bahn mi
  11. Chip Shop
  12. Bao House
  13. Birch & Beer – in Washington DC
  14. The Door Restaurant – Jamaican food in queens, oxtails
  15. Gabbana – corona queens, pork shoulder
  16. M. Wells – long island city, Russian breakfast – went away and it’s back
  17. terroir – wine bar
  18. San Francisco – chez panisse, camino, tadich grill, the slanted door, lafitte, Yank sing
  19. Brooklyn Fare
  20. Jewel Bako
  21. Vetri – Philly
  22. Jitlada – Thai food in LA, morning glory salad
  23. The best fish taco in Ensenada – LA
  24. Fathers office – gastropub in LA
  25. Whist in LA
  26. Robicelli’s cupcakes
  27. Mile End Deli in BK
  28. Ma Peche
  29. Marea
  30. Townhouse
  31. Peels-Bowery @ 2nd, banana cream pie
  32. Je & Jo organic ice cream – at Columbus ave fair on Sundays
  33. Brooklyn Farmacy for egg creams
  34. Restaurant Marc Forgione

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